What types of packaging supplies are available at Ardor Singapore?
At Ardor, we offer a wide range of packaging supplies, including packing carton boxes, packaging boxes, packaging materials, carton box suppliers, moving boxes, packaging tape, stretch film, and mailer boxes
Do you offer customised packaging solutions?
Yes, we provide customised packaging solutions according to our customer's requirements. Our team will work with you to understand your needs and provide tailor-made solutions to your specific packaging needs.
Can you provide packing and moving services as well?
No, we do not provide packing and moving services. However, we offer high-quality packing and moving supplies, including packing carton boxes, moving carton boxes, and stretch film, to help you easily pack and move your belongings. .
How do I determine the right size of carton boxes for my packing needs?
We offer many carton box sizes to meet your packing needs. You can determine the right size of the carton box by measuring the dimensions of the items you want to pack and choosing a box that is slightly larger than the items. .
What type of packaging material is suitable for fragile items?
We recommend using bubble wrap or foam sheets to protect fragile items during transportation. You can be assured that your items will be protected during transit with our packaging materials. .
Can I order packaging supplies in bulk?
Yes, we offer bulk ordering options for all our packaging supplies. Please contact us for more information on bulk ordering and wholesale pricing. .